The Little Things

By May 13, 2020News

This morning I was so grateful for my almond milk that I use everyday.  I was feeling so fortunate that I was able find it amidst the chaos that we all experiencing. It made me think how it’s the little things in life that can make us happy and those around us. It appears to me this pandemic is certainly going to wake us up to what really matters and how to prioritize how we want to live. As we have entered into this NOW NORMAL, it gives us all a chance to examine how much gratitude we can express to ourselves and to others that are in our world.

We now have more space as we have been interrupted in our usual automatic pilot routines. What an opportunity to look inside and see how we can improve our behaviors and witness our growth.

This is especially pertinent in the work force whether you are managing teams who need to keep working under stressful conditions or trying to stay motivated in your position or job search .

It’s a scientific fact that gratitude has a direct impact on your physical and psychological health.
So what can you do to increase your appreciation in your life?
Practice, practice, practice….

Have gratitude for yourself and express it many times a day!

From the moment you wake up what can you be thankful for?
When you are looking for work what can you appreciate about your talents?
When you are interacting with team members how can you thank them for the good job they are doing?

We can all practice being more present and connected to ourselves and how we affect each other. Whether at home or in the office we can now take this opportunity to be kinder to ourselves and those around us. The great part is that it only takes a few seconds and it’s a muscle you can learn to flex in no time.

I challenge you to 30 days of gratitude.

Whether you are looking to start or grow a business or perhaps figuring out the next steps in your career…

We all need this now more than ever and with our collective positive thoughts we can impact each other greatly.

Join me and share all the things you love about yourself and your world.

Wishing you much love, peace and internal growth.


April Jaffe is a business growth consultant,
executive coach and facilitator

(photo courtesy of Dmitry Bairachnyi-