What We Do

Raise Your Game has the expertise and knowledge to advise you on how to build a profitable business. We focus on getting you connected to your audience with effective sales and marketing strategies. We’ll help you raise your game and support you every step of the way. Whether in one-on-one meetings or in our customized workshops, we’ll ensure you make critical changes and get access to everything you need to run a successful business.

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Sales Strategy

In today’s competitive market, having a good personality and a great product is not enough to get new clients. Driving new business takes a powerful blend of solid sales skills and a focused strategy. Our proven Conversations That Count methodology will teach you tactics and techniques to boost your business and increase your bottom line.

Company Culture / Employee Engagement

Your company’s culture is vital to your continued productivity and success. Companies with frequent turnover in talent and poor communication are at a big disadvantage to grow. When employees feel appreciated and invested in they become more committed and work harder. How you treat your employees has a huge impact on your bottom line. Invest in improving your communication with them! In return, you’ll have a team you can count on to keep the clients you have and attract new ones.


Cut through the noise with a strong, defined brand that instantly connects with your audience. We’ll discover your story, define your message, and teach you how to communicate with the people who will want to listen.

Presentation Skills and Strategy

You only get one chance to impress and captivate your audience.
We’ll focus on all aspects of what it takes to make a successful presentation. From content to performance, it’s crucial to be at your best to win business. Learn improvisation skills that teach you how to present with confidence and clarity. We’ll prepare you for the unexpected curveballs clients throw and show you how to stay on track. We’ll teach you effective sales strategies that help you seal the deal and win the business.


How do people know you exist? How do you leverage all that your brand has to offer? We’ll explore innovative ways to engage with your audience by leveraging your unique selling points. From social media and PR initiatives to live events, we’ll tap into the most effective channels to promote your company and create fans.

Business Model Assessment

Explore and evaluate! Our goal is to maximize employee capabilities and talents. We will also work to minimize unnecessary spending, and explore additional revenue streams to diversify and increase your bottom line.

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