Classes and Workshops

Raise Your Game’s unique workshops and classes combine proven sales strategies and improvisation techniques for a powerful combination. Experiential learning allows you to recreate real-life business situations in real time and gives you a chance to work on the challenges you face every day.

  • We’ll guide you through a series of interactive exercises and strategies, followed by discussions, providing the perfect training ground for new ways of thinking and transformation.
  • Participants will have the rare opportunity to practice skills and learn from each other in a safe, nonthreatening environment.
  • You will walk away with a heightened awareness of yourself, renewed energy, and excitement to tackle the challenges of growing a business.

Creativity and Innovation

Tap into your inner creativity. Let go of judgments that stifle new ideas and solutions. We will take you through a brainstorming process and watch the ideas flow.


We will focus on how on you can make an impact on your audience and how to deal with the curveballs clients throw at you.


We will work on being fearless and gaining the confidence needed to strike up a conversation anywhere, anytime, with anyone, and how to follow through to build your network.


We will teach you key aspects of negotiating techniques, which include understanding the personalities of clients and who you are dealing with. Learn to stay in control of the conversation.

Successful Conference Calls

Learn how to conduct these important interactions through active listening, collaboration, and overcoming the challenges that make these calls awkward.

Sales Training

We will cover the strategies and skills that will enable you to bring in business, such as questioning strategies, active listening, building a rapport, and how to get to the next step to close the deal.

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April brings an amazing energy and spot-on precision to her workshops. Her improvisational techniques have fit perfectly with our innovative approach to training. Her sales training expertise has helped us to take our real estate workshops to the next level and our agents to increased closings. She’s a joy to work with and her investment in our agents and their success is obvious. We look forward to creating more new and innovative workshops together.

Elizabeth Perea, President/CEO NYC Real Estate Advisors

I hired April and her company to do an interactive workshop with my attorneys and support staff. The exercises and discussions employed by April were very effective and allowed me to see how creative people are at thinking on their feet and their ability to really listen. It also gave me an opportunity to evaluate how they perform under pressure. In addition, they were able to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and how they can become more effective. In today's competitive market, professionals need to be flexible and ready when clients throw curve balls. Raise Your Game helped us take our skills to the next level. As a business owner I found it beneficial to see my attorneys and staff in action. I would recommend this workshop to any business that is interested in improving their skills and growing. April brings a great positive and inspirational energy that allows the participants to feel comfortable and learn. April is great!

David A. Kaminsky, Attorney at David A. Kaminsky & Associates