Meet April

April Jaffe is the president and founder of Raise Your Game. She is a business growth consultant and sales trainer with a passion for empowering professionals to realize their potential and build successful companies and careers. She works with small to mid-size businesses and startups on creating sales, marketing, and effective CONVERSATIONS THAT COUNT strategies.

April brings more than twenty years experience working in the advertising industry, holding positions as Executive Producer, and Head of Sales and Marketing. Her vast network includes partnerships with top advertising agency and broadcast network executives. Her entrepreneurial work has involved launching new businesses, developing brand strategies, and training and leading sales teams.

She has created a successful workshop program that combines improvisational acting techniques with fundamental sales and business strategies to help clients uncover their creative identity and tap into their selling skills to ultimately drive new business.

Combining both of these highly successful career paths, April now instructs CEOs and their employees to have conversations that count, demonstrating how they can propel their business from mediocre to exceptional, and bring in the profits they desire.

“I make the process of bringing in new clients and growing your business enjoyable. Investing in your personal and professional growth is so rewarding It is the best gift you can give to yourself and your employees. The excitement you will begin to experience in watching your business flourish is unparalleled. It is my pleasure to help you raise your game and reach a new level of success.”

April Jaffe, President and Founder, Raise Your Game.

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