Reset Your Happy

By October 30, 2020News

How do we find our happiness these days?

As we continue in this challenging chapter, the need for emotional understanding into our minds and hearts is increasingly important. It’s easy to get pulled into the difficult circumstances we are in and feel overwhelmed and sad. Sometimes it can be hard to shake once you are immersed in those feelings.

At our most basic level, we seek happiness and the desire to feel good. It’s why we seek pleasure from those things that produce our happy chemicals – it’s actually imperative for our brains to experience the endorphins it produces, and it has an immediate impact on our physical state.

I discovered an easy way to bring yourself back to a more positive state and reconnect with the true essence of who you are.

It’s very simple. You can do this wherever you are. I like doing it while walking around the streets in my neighborhood or while sitting at my desk.

Close your eyes, take three deep slow breaths, and get present. Clear your mind of any chatter.

Now, tell yourself all the things you love to do.

Say them out loud with enthusiasm.

This helps get the energy flowing.

For instance: I love teaching. I love improv. I love sunsets. I love helping people achieve their dreams.

Repeat each one at least 3 times. Say it out loud and with enthusiasm.

Keep it going in a stream of consciousness and allow yourself to connect fully with each thing you enjoy. Do this for 10 minutes, and watch how much better you will start to feel.

The other day, I was not in a good place and feeling down, so I took my own advice. I remembered all the things that get me excited and was able to get in touch with why I appreciate this precious life.

I believe we all have a zest for life. It’s in our nature, though sometimes it can be easy to forget. It’s important to cultivate those feelings by connecting to what makes us tick.

We have the power to choose what we think about. Feeling good is what fuels us to accomplish all the things we want to achieve. Sometimes all it takes is one simple baby step to affect our entire state of being.

It is my mission to uplift and inspire people to achieve what they desire. Life is asking us to adapt and expand like never before.

I am here for you.

Let’s talk about how I can support you in living your best you:

Wishing you much love, peace, and internal growth,

April Jaffe is a business growth consultant,
executive coach and facilitator