Be Kind To Your Mind

By April 21, 2020News
Hi All,

Well, here we are in an unfamiliar place facing new challenges that we’ve never dealt with before. It’s okay because we will prevail. We are, by nature, adaptable and resilient.

And we have the ability to decide how we want to be, think, and feel at any given moment. So how will you show up for yourself right now?

I really want to encourage you to “be kind to your mind” and realize that, no matter what is happening around us, we have the power to choose what we think.

Remember this: You are in control. You are in the driver’s seat. All it takes is a little practice and the desire to feel good. You deserve it.

So, when you find yourself thinking thoughts that don’t make you feel good, do what the great Abraham Hicks says and just choose another thought. Try going to another destination and watch how it changes the way you feel.

To help you, I wanted to share some resources to calm your mind, body, and soul as you adjust to spending so much time at home.

As the great masters remind us: “From a place of challenge we can grow and discover things about ourselves we never thought possible.” I love that. What can we create right now?
Is your glass half empty or can you see how full it is and focus on that?

Here are some strategies and resources you can implement in your day to support you in your quest for self-care.

It’s really important to schedule some healthy and fun rituals into your day. Giving yourself some structure will make you feel supported and give you things to look forward.


I can’t stress enough how vital this is to your health, both mentally and physically. There are a ton of guided meditations on YouTube that will transport you to a place of deep relaxation and give your mind and body a chance to rest and recharge.
This is one of my favorites.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!

We need the extra endorphins, and there are countless workout options on YouTube.

Yoga with Adrienne has an extensive library, with practices ranging from super short stretches to longer, more challenging flows. She is also super calming.

For a good night’s sleep, try this restorative yoga flow you can do from the comfort of your own bed.

Practice gratitude!

Make a list of all the things you’re are grateful for. Even the comfy pillow you sleep on. When you think about how fortunate you are, you’ll will immediately feel better because it changes your brain chemistry. It’s also gives you some perspective, knowing that you are safe and loved.

Do it and watch how you feel!

Start a journal.

Writing down your feelings and experiences and having a place that is your private little haven can be very therapeutic. With so much going on, it’s really important to have a place to express yourself. Besides, who can you be more honest with than yourself?

Watch the news in moderation.

It is truly not healthy to get wrapped up in the constant trauma and energy being brought to you by the media. I’m not suggesting to not be informed, but I am suggesting that you cut down on how much you experience the negativity.

Create some boundaries.

Know what kinds of conversations are healthy for you and draw boundaries around the topics you wish to discuss – and those you don’t. Venting about how bad things are may not be protecting your new kind-to-your-mind attitude.

Maybe it’s better for you to talk about some fun times you had. Or things you’ll do in the future and some things you want to experience.

Schedule happy hour calls with friends on Zoom.

There’s is so much you can do together: dance, sing, play charades…or if you’re me do improv. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t isolate; try joining Facebook groups that are engaging and supportive. Life is asking us to stretch way outside our comfort zones and find new strength within ourselves.

We’re all in this together, and I’m grateful for everyone’s generosity and the humanity I’ve seen in the last few weeks.

I am sending you positive energy and optimism.

If you’re looking for additional support right now, or need help figuring out how to adjust to this new normal, and want to learn how to move life forward (or even how to stand still), I’m offering complementary 30-minute coaching sessions just for you.
This is your movie you have the control of how you want to tell your story.
Wishing you much love, peace and internal growth.

April Jaffe is a business growth
consultant, executive coach and facilitator