4 Fiery Tips on How to Heat Up a Cold Call

By November 28, 2018News
Cold Call

We all know cold calling has been a sales strategy for decades.  However, in today’s climate, everyone is focused on email and social media, creating a personal disconnect. While email and social media allow us to be connected continually – it lacks a personal touch.

There is no substitute for genuinely connecting with someone and letting

them know who you are and what you do. Many people say that the phone call is dead but trust me in my experience it is very much alive. It’s a great way to connect and start a conversation, that builds trust in a relationship and makes deals happen.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the power of actual human interaction, a conversation. Although some of you may resist this idea, I will share some tips with you that will hopefully help you take the leap and conquer your fears of the dreaded “cold call.”

Prepare for the Call

Start by taking a few deep breaths and relax. Get your mind into a positive place, and remind yourself you can do this. Imagine that the conversation will go well. Say to yourself “I am going to be an asset and a new resource that this person could use.” Finally, set a goal of what you want to get out of the conversation. Having an end-goal will provide you with the confidence you need to steer the conversation.

Listen, Connect and Gather Information

Once you get a person on the phone, listen carefully to their voice and mirror their tone and energy; but be authentic. Think of yourself as a member of the same team, with your objective to make their job easier and add value. Opening yourself up emotionally will allow the person on the other end to feel it and respond to you, in the same way, putting everyone at ease.

Speak slowly and be articulate when you open the conversation, this makes it easier to connect. Be definitive, confident and don’t hesitate. When you communicate with a relaxed and positive energy, people can understand you and will respond by giving you the information you seek.

Connect and ask them for their help, like this. “I was wondering if you can help direct me to the person that is the head of your _____ department” (whatever it is that you are looking for). If your speaking to the right person, ask “do you ever need ______ services?”

Direct Your Own Future

With the right delivery, you can achieve some fantastic results. People will tell you whatever you need to know once you’ve made the human connection. After all, it’s in our nature to help each other; and with practice and the right attitude, you will make business happen. This type of interaction is far more effective than communicating through an email.

Remember, this is your play, you are the director, and you need to stay in control along with having an awareness of what’s going on and moving the conversation where you want it to go. With a warm and friendly demeanor, you can charm the person on the other end of the call; they will feel your good energy and tell you what you need.

I started my career in advertising and made a successful business from cold calling. I made it a game for myself and enjoyed the challenge of connecting with people. As a business development consultant, I still do cold calls and some days it’s hard and others I get to sing my song “this girl is on fire!”

Practice, Practice, Practice

People need a place to practice cold calling skills, just like athletes need a gym to train. After all, it’s a craft that needs to be cultivated to grow. Practice and critique help people perfect their skills, allowing them to feel more comfortable when picking up the phone.

If you’re looking to help your team in their outreach and be more effective in gaining new clients, I can show them how in real time, with real people. There is nothing like participating in live business improv sales training, where they will be able to participate in role play and receive feedback on how to be effective.

Let’s talk on how I can help your business increase revenue by giving your employees the tools they need to “Raise their game” and bring in business.