Let’s Get Specific

By January 16, 2019Uncategorized

As we enter a new year we are all looking for new ways to make this the best year ever!

One change that is imperative for charting new waters is learning how to be more specific. Being specific is one of those universal truths that goes for just about everything when you’re creative and innovative. It allows you to zero in on what you want and helps you achieve the outcomes you desire.

So, what does one do to get specific?

I remember in one of my first acting classes at Laguardia High School;  before each new scene, they would say you need to be specific. What does your character want? What are their intentions?  What action will they take to get it?

Art depicts life, so the principals here are the same.

Remember you have to be specific and committed to your choices. Otherwise, you tend to flounder. And, that kind of wide-open attitude can leave you in no man’s land with no real direction.

Take a moment and close your eyes; visualize what you want. If you are looking for new business, who is your ideal client? Can you envision a positive, strategic partnership forming, one that is beneficial for you and the client?

Now, what actions do you need to take to achieve that partnership? Write them down. There is immense power in the written word, and writing down the specific steps you need to complete, will help reinforce your intentions.

At 13, I had no idea how accurate what I learned in my acting class would be. Understanding the specific role that you want to play in life is what leads you to success. Remember, this is your play, this is your movie. You create your role and need to be specific about the choices you make to achieve your goals.

It can be challenging to pick a direction and stay the course.

Asking yourself the right questions is a significant step to determine exactly why you feel the way you do about the journey you are about to embark on.  

Being specific about how you want things to happen in your life can be very liberating. You’ll notice when you narrow down exactly what you want, your actions will start to impact your overall goal, and things that once seemed out of reach are within your grasp.

This year we should celebrate everyone who is going after their dreams and those who are willing to look inside themselves and ask what are my what my intentions; what actions am I going to take to get them?

It takes work to become more specific and make this the best year ever. As a business consultant, I work with clients every day to help them get specific so they can find their ideal clients and develop a plan to getting what they want. Send me a message and tell me what you want to accomplish in 2019 and let’s work together to achieve it.